Buckna Presbyterian Church

Information Regarding Standing Orders

One of the most significant changes that we have all seen over recent years is how methods of payment have changed. Fewer shops accept cheques and fewer of us use cash. Standing orders provide a creative and, perhaps most important, safe and secure way of contributing to our church family at this time.

Standing orders are not to be confused with direct debits. An explanation of the difference between the two is found in the table below:

Standing OrderDirect Debit
Instruction to set up standing order given by individual or is set up personally through online bankingWhen an individual gives a company a signed mandate to debit your account (eg. phone contract, car payment)
Can be weekly, monthly, quarterly and is for a fixed amount. It can be changed or cancelled at any timeDoesn’t have a fixed amount and the company collects funds from the bank not the customer
Individual has control of itIndividual has less control

As you can see, the importance difference between standing orders and a direct debit is that the individual has control of a standing order, whereas they have less control of a direct debit.

You can download the Standing Order form here.

You can also download a template of the Standing Order form here.

Listed on the form are three accounts: the FWO account, the Missionary Fund and the Building Fund. If you are interested in giving via standing order, please understand that there is no pressure to set up a standing order for all three accounts. It is entirely possible for you to set one up (for the FWO account for example) and not to set it up for others.

This method of giving not only provides us all with more choice but is also aligned to the Biblical principle of systematic giving. That is to say that the Bible teaches us that everyone should set aside a sum of money in relation to their income “on the first day of the week” (1 Corinthians 16:1-3). Standing orders are very much in keeping with this. The Bible reminds us of the importance of deciding and making a settled conviction about what we give.

We are keen that the Building Fund in particular would be supported by giving via standing orders. From a bank’s perspective, standing orders are the best method of giving as they prove that finance will come in on a consistent basis, month by month, enabling us to service any loan that is required for our building project.

If you would like any more information about giving via Standing Order, please contact our Treasurer, Mr. Billy Smyth, our Deputy Treasurer, Mr Des Alexander or our incoming Treasurer, Mrs Maureen Currie.

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