Buckna Presbyterian Church

Buckna Presbyterian 1756 - 2020

Back in 1756 people living in the parishes of Skerry and Racavan, and largely worshipping in Broughshane, took the decision to request a church of their own in Buckna. This was going to be an uphill struggle for a couple of reasons, Firstly there was strong opposition to the move from the Presbyterian church in Broughshane, and when the matter was brought to the Ulster Synod on the 29th June 1756 formal objections were presented. Then there was the, not small, matter of erecting a meeting house. Having received permission from the Synod of Ulster to establish a new congregation a building fund was set up in order to begin to repay the sum loaned to them from George Gordon. The new church building was erected, it would appear, almost immediately after permission was granted, but it seems it took almost 20 years to pay off their debt. Still, it is remarkable when we consider the sacrifice demanded by the first members of Buckna Presbyterian Church, a sacrifice that benefitted the people of this area for 259 years. The Buckna history book records, “Over 200 years ago men of strong conviction and even stronger determination turned their vision into reality by building a meeting house to serve the people, and as a tangible monument to their faith.” With man this may have seemed impossible, but with God all things are possible. The vision that prompted the first members of Buckna to build a suitable meeting house for theirs and subsequent generations is the same vision we need to grasp today, building not just for our own generation, but also for those coming after us. 

Over the years there have been various discussions about the need for a new church building, in 1976, then again in 1991, but the most recent series of discussions have been ongoing since 2002. This led to the almost unanimous decision in 2013 to proceed towards a new building for the congregation of Buckna. Since then the Committee and especially the Property and Finance sub- committees have worked tirelessly to consider all the options in the light of our requirements and bring together plans for a new church. The leaders of all the organisations were asked what they would require in a new build and they were brought together to see our preliminary plans. Much has already been done and much is still required.