Buckna Presbyterian Church

Restart of Organisations // Autumn 2021

Church life is beginning to return to some kind of normality. Below is a list of organisations that have restarted in recent weeks along with information about how and when they’re meeting. There is also information about organisations which are planning to restart soon.

Heroes in Training

Heroes in Training restarted on Sunday 19th September. For more information about how Heroes in Training is running, click here.

Bowling Club

Bowling Club restarted on Thursday 23rd September. For more information about Bowling Club, please speak to Jonathan Reid.


Vibe restarted on Sunday 26th September. For more information about Vibe, click here.


Connect went out for a meal recently. If you would like to be added to the Connect WhatsApp group, please contact Joan Bradley on 07874 001132.

Junior CE

Junior CE restarted on Wednesday 6th October. For more information about Junior CE, click here.


PW are holding their opening night on Friday 15th October at 7.30pm in the church hall.

There will be an opportunity to purchase toys etc for the Operation Christmas Child appeal (money going to Vision of Good Hope, Moldova). There will also be wrapped shoe boxes available at £1 (money going to PW projects). Ladies are reminded to bring their mission box money and any subscriptions for the Wider World Magazine. Gifts of toiletries, hats, gloves etc for the Seaman’s Mission will also be accepted on that night as the next meeting won’t be until December.

The final thing ladies are asked to remember to bring is a mug so they can have a cup of tea at the end of the meeting!

To watch an update about PW Projects in 2021, click here.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest is restarting on a monthly basis beginning on Tuesday 12th October. You must inform leaders if you plan to attend. If you would like to be added to the Treasure Chest WhatsApp group, please contact Joan Bonnar.


BB is restarting from Monday 1st November. For more information about BB, click here.


GB is restarting from Tuesday 2nd November. For more information about GB, click here.

Join us on FaceBook

If you are a facebook user, then we would invite to to join with us there. Over the coming weeks and months it is our intention to use facebook to provide useful information, highlight upcoming online events and share items of praise that can be used in conjunction with our online services.

We feel this is a great way for our Church to remain active in these uncertain times and to let the wider world have a little glimpse of our life in the Braid.