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Summer Reading Recommendations

In our current sermon series, Church Reimagined, we have considered what the marks of the church are. The first mark we looked at was that every church is to be a learning church. This mark comes from what we read in the first part of Acts 2:42. Luke tells us that the early Christian church “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching.”

This is actually to be the mark of all believers. The word disciple means learner and everyone who trusts in Jesus begins a lifelong process of learning more and more from Him and about Him. There is a sense in that when we become Christians, we never graduate from Sunday School. We’re always disciples, we’re always learning.

Commenting on Acts 2:42 in his classic book The Living Church, John Stott says that pastors expound Scripture from the pulpit, parents teach their children the Scriptures at home and members read and reflect on the Scriptures every day in order to grow in Christian discipleship.

We could add another way in which Christian believers grow in their faith: through the reading of Christian books which are grounded in Scripture and good for the soul.

A common habit for many of us during the summer is to read a book – normally from comfort of a sunbed on a warm beach. We may not have the opportunity to go abroad on holiday this summer but we do have the opportunity to cultivate our faith by reading one or two solid Christian books.

Below is a list of summer reading recommendations. They’ve been divided up into different sections. The first list contains books which relate to our recent series on the church. The second list is a general one which could be classed as Christian living. The list contains books which cover a wide variety of topics and issues. The third list are books which are suitable for children.

All of the books listed are widely available from The Good Book Company, the Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast, ICM Books in Lurgan, Faith Mission Bookshops in Northern Ireland and Amazon.

Happy reading!

Books on the Church

  • Love Your Church – Tony Merida
  • The Living Church – John Stott
  • Why Bother With Church? – Sam Alberry

Books on Christian Living

  • Basic Christianity – John Stott
  • God’s Big Picture – Vaughan Roberts
  • True Friendship – Vaughan Roberts
  • Knowing God – JI Packer
  • Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung
  • The Hole in Our Holiness – Kevin DeYoung
  • Brave By Faith – Alistair Begg
  • Pray Big – Alistair Begg
  • Holiness – JC Ryle
  • The Christian Life – Sinclair Ferguson
  • Faithful Leaders – Rico Tice
  • Invest Your Suffering – Paul Mallard
  • Where is God in a Messed Up World? – Roger Carswell
  • Parenting – Paul David Tripp
  • Risen Motherhood – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
  • Compared To Her – Sophie de Witt
  • Women of the Word – Jen Wilkin
  • Teach Me to Feel – Courtney Reissig
  • Devoted – Tim Challies
  • RC Sproul: A Life – Stephen J. Nichols

Books for Children

  • The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross – Carl Laferton & Catalina Echeverri
  • The God Contest – Carl Laferton & Catalina Echeverri
  • The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song – Bob Hartman & Catalina Echeverri
  • Jesus and the Very Big Surprise – Randall Goodgame & Catalina Echeverri
  • Jesus and the Lions’ Den – Alison Mitchell & Catalina Echeverri
  • The Storm That Stopped – Alison Mitchell & Catalina Echeverri
  • Goodbye to Goodbyes – Lauren Chandler & Catalina Echeverri
  • The Friend Who Forgives – Dan DeWitt & Catalina Echeverri

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