Buckna Presbyterian Church

Election of Congregational Committee

This morning I have some formal announcements to make regarding an election of the Congregational Committee. I will make some formal announcements from the Code of our church and then explain what I’ve said.

Notice is hereby given that a draft list of the qualified voters of the congregation of Buckna having been prepared it will, by the decision of the Kirk Session, be exhibited on two successive Sundays on the Church premises in the vestibule the Session being satisfied that this will provide reasonable notice to all voters of the contents of such list.

Any objection to the inclusion or omission from the list of any name, with reasons given, should be lodged in writing with the Moderator of Kirk Session within a week of its first publication, after which the list will if necessary be corrected and finalised. 

The Rule defining who are qualified voters in the Church is as follows. This is Code paragraph 175:

(1) Voting members in the Church are communicants on the roll of the congregation who are listed, whether by name or number, as having contributed to the stipend or weekly freewill offering of the congregation in the last financial year. 

(2) In addition to those so listed the following shall also be qualified, if themselves communicants on the roll –

(a) A wife shall be qualified on a husband’s contribution, and vice versa, where both are communicants. This shall also apply should the contributor himself or herself not be a communicant. If neither husband nor wife in such circumstances is a communicant, then their contribution shall qualify the eldest child, residing in the family, who is on the communicants’ roll. 

(b) Should a contributor, who is not a communicant, be a member of a family residing together, then his contribution shall qualify the eldest member residing in the family who is on the communicants’ roll. 

(c) Those who have been added to the communicants’ roll of the congregation since the close of the last financial year, upon confirmation by the treasurer that they have contributed during the current year, shall also be qualified voters.

What those formal announcements are saying is that a voters list will be displayed in the vestibule this Sunday and next Sunday in relation to the election of the Congregational Committee.

Voting Sundays will be Sunday 23rd January and Sunday 30th January after which votes will be counted and on the following Sunday the congregation will be notified of the result. Kirk Session have fixed the number of Committee members at 16. If there are any objections in relation to the voters list they must be given to me in writing by next Sunday (16th January).

In terms of how we will vote, it will be done in the way that we are used to. We won’t be posting voting papers out to the congregation – they will be available for collection from Sunday 23rd January. Ballot boxes will also be placed in all vestibules and in the church hall to allow voting papers to be returned.

This is an important election for us as a congregation, particularly in light of the fact that our building project will, Lord willing, gather pace this year. Let me encourage you if you are a voting member to prayerfully consider who would be suitable for this role. Men and women are both eligible to serve on the Congregational Committee.

Let me also encourage you to vote for 16 people so that all available spaces are used. It’s important that the load is shared within congregations and having a full Committee of 16 would be very helpful.

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