Buckna Presbyterian Church

Announcements, 24.01.21

Here are the announcements from this week’s Sunday service.

Zoom Prayer Time

We are praying together on Zoom again this Wednesday night from 8.30pm. We’d love you to join us as we pray together as a church family. We had an encouraging time on Wednesday past when we heard what Vibe have been doing during the pandemic. A recording of part of our prayer time is available on the church website. You’ll find encouraging to watch that video and hear more about what youth ministry looks like in lockdown and also how you pray for young people at this time.

Restart of Vibe

Vibe is starting back this Thursday night at 7.30pm on Zoom. Pauline from the Ballymena Foodbank will be online to share about their work and explain know how Vibe’s recent donations helped those in need at Christmas. If you’re a young person of secondary school age then it would be great to have you online. The Zoom meeting details will continue to be posted into the parent’s WhatsApp Group. If you would like added to it please get in touch with Grace Reid or Paul Montgomery.

Special Livestream Evening Service

Our service next Sunday morning will be at the usual time of 12pm. Next Sunday evening, though, we will be running one of our special evening livestreams. We have had four of those so far – one at harvest, one in November, one in December and also our New Years Eve service.

Next Sunday we’ll be thinking about a big question that is asked of the Christian faith. We did that in November when we thought about how we can trust the Bible. Next week our big question is: how will the world end. That’s obviously a topic of some debate at the minute and we’re going to think about what the Bible says about that issue.

Next Sunday evening’s livestream will also include an interview with Claire Robinson who is serving the Lord with SIM in Zambia. We follow Claire’s work closely as a church family. She was last with us in 2018 and next Sunday we’ll hear how she has been getting on since she was last with us.

The Praise Group will also be live with me for the evening livestream. Let me really encourage you to join with us and to use this service as an opportunity to invite someone who isn’t a Christian to watch along as well. These are still days of opportunity when we can reach out to those who aren’t following the Lord.

Reading the Bible in 2021

This week is the final week of daily videos for our Reading the Bible in 2021 initiative. I hope that you have found those videos a helpful springboard to start the year. I know that some of you are following the 5 Day Reading Plan and are finding it very helpful.

As well as the usual five daily videos, there’ll also be a closing video to encourage you to keep going and to keep reading the Bible. I’ll post the link into the church family WhatsApp group once the videos have been uploaded. Let me say that I have a few different ideas to help you continue with the 5 Day Reading Plan. Although the daily videos are ending, there will be different material in the coming weeks.

Continued Closure of Churches

Lockdown here in Northern Ireland has been extended to 5th March by the NI Executive and as you will know, PCI have extended the closure of churches until that date as well. It will be reviewed closer to the time and may be extended beyond 5th March.

Join us on FaceBook

If you are a facebook user, then we would invite to to join with us there. Over the coming weeks and months it is our intention to use facebook to provide useful information, highlight upcoming online events and share items of praise that can be used in conjunction with our online services.

We feel this is a great way for our Church to remain active in these uncertain times and to let the wider world have a little glimpse of our life in the Braid.