Buckna Presbyterian Church

Announcements, 20.12.20

Here are the announcements from this week’s Sunday service.

Livestream Carol Service

As you’ll know, today marks the last Sunday before Christmas. This service would usually have been our family service and tonight would have been our candlelit carol service. Unfortunately we can’t meet together in person tonight but we are going to livestream a carol service. 

I’ll be here in the meetinghouse along with the Praise Group and we’ll be singing carols and listening to readings. The livestream starts at 7pm. That’s an hour earlier than previous livestreams. And we’ve moved it to the early time to allow families to sit down together and watch it.

It’s not ideal that we’re having our carol service this way but let me encourage you to join us online tonight. You’ll find a link to the livestream here.

Online Christmas HBC

Our Online Christmas HBC is into its last day today. The final edition of Christmas HBC will be available here. Each day will remain on our website in the same way that June’s HBC is still available. Let me encourage you to take some time to catch up if you’ve missed Christmas HBC this weekend.

Moderator’s Service

Our current Moderator has recorded and provided for the whole denomination. Our current Moderator is the Rev. David Bruce and in this service he reflects on the Christmas story and also looks ahead to the New Year. That service is available here should you want to watch it.

Midweek Prayer Gathering

We are holding our final midweek prayer gathering of the year this Wednesday evening. Let me encourage to join us if possible and let me thank you for your support of our Wednesday night prayer meetings. They have been an encouragement to many of us and they’ve provided us with a way to have fellowship in difficult times.

Strict Lockdown

As you’ll know, after Boxing Day we are moving into a lockdown similar to what we experienced by in March. The main difference with that lockdown is that places of worship will remain open. That means that our services here on Sundays will continue. Not much has changed in terms of what we are required to do to meet. There was mention of “strict conditions” by the Executive but we have been adhering to those since September. It perhaps just means that we’re more aware of them than we have bee.

It has been stressed to us from central church that face coverings are now mandatory in law for the entire service. We were also reminded to emphasise what I mentioned last week about what we do before and after our services. That is to try, where possible, to keep our face coverings on and maintain two metre social distancing.

It is great that churches can remain open but we shouldn’t take that privilege for granted and should continue to maintain our high standard of compliance. Let me, as always, thank you for your continued help in making our gatherings safe.

We also have some new automatic hand sanitisers in the meetinghouse. Those were kindly donated and provided by Greg Kennedy, a local businessman. As a church family we’d like to thank him for that kind gesture.

New Year’s Eve Online Epilogue Service

Thinking a little further ahead towards the New Year, we are planning to run a New Year’s Eve epilogue service on 31st December. That service is being pre-recorded before our carol service tonight and will go live at 11.45pm on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks in London have been cancelled this year so you’ll not be able to watch those as the year turns.

You will instead be able to join with us as we take some to reflect on who God is and thank Him for His mercy to us in 2020. I’ll post more details about that service into the church WhatsApp group and social media closer to the time and I’ll also give John Brogan some information about it for next week.

Thank You and Christmas Wishes

Let me take this opportunity while I can see some of you in person to wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

This year has been challenging and demanding for us and hasn’t progressed as we expected it to. Let me thank you, though, for your continued support and encouragement. We love being in Buckna, we love our church family here and we as a family are continuing to pray that the Lord would be glorified in this area. I hope that you are all able to enjoy Christmas despite the ongoing restrictions and uncertainty.

Join us on FaceBook

If you are a facebook user, then we would invite to to join with us there. Over the coming weeks and months it is our intention to use facebook to provide useful information, highlight upcoming online events and share items of praise that can be used in conjunction with our online services.

We feel this is a great way for our Church to remain active in these uncertain times and to let the wider world have a little glimpse of our life in the Braid.