Buckna Presbyterian Church

Announcements, 19.09.21

Here are the announcements for this week.

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Evening Service

We’re meeting again together this evening. Our service tonight will be at 7pm and the speaker this evening is Mr Dennis Flannigan. There is a reason Dennis is preaching this evening and I’ll explain that at the beginning of our service this evening.

Evening Prayer Meeting

Tonight we are going to restart our evening prayer meeting. That hasn’t happened the start of the pandemic. We’re going to meet to pray in Mobile 1 between 6.40 and 6.50pm. We’d love you to join us as we pray together before our service tonight.

Just before Covid we refreshed our evening prayer meeting by calling it Engine Room and moving from the choir room to Mobile 1. We’re going restart Engine Room this evening and we’d love you to join us.

Covid Restrictions

Today marks a significant change in terms of requirements for face coverings at services of worship. Once you are socially distanced in a pew or seat you can remove your face covering.

When we’re singing, however, we have to wear them and when we’re entering, leaving and moving around our buildings we have to wear them. I would also encourage a sensible approach before and after services. If you want to speak to someone behind you or in front of you it might be best if you keep your face covering on.

This is a good step forward for us. It’s great to be able to see your faces instead of just half of them. I hope that you find sitting through services a little easier with this change as well.

Heroes in Training

Heroes in Training is back today. Registration is required for children to attend Heroes. Our boys and girls will be going out to Mobile 2 and the Minor Hall later in our service.


Our midweek meeting will be on Wednesday at 8pm in the church hall. This week we’re going to return to the book of James. The talk will be made available through our church podcast incase you’re not able to make it.

Meeting of Kirk Session

There will be a short meeting of Kirk Session following our midweek meeting on Wednesday evening.

Resumption of Organisations

During the week there was a meeting of the leaders of organisations to discuss activities resuming within our church family. The general consensus was that organisations will look at restarting in some way during the autumn and winter. Perhaps not all organisations will restart initially and individual organisations will inform leaders and those who attend about plans in the coming weeks.

Bowling Club will resume this Thursday evening. I know that members have been informed about times and plans for that gathering.

Vibe are also planning to restart next Sunday evening. For the time being Vibe have made the decision to move to a Sunday evening instead of a Wednesday evening. They’re going to meet at 8pm after church in the church hall. They’ll be meeting from 8pm until 9.30pm and it’s open to all young people of secondary school age.

There will be a bit more information about how Vibe are meeting in light of the restrictions shared on the Vibe Facebook page, Instagram and into the parent’s WhatsApp group.

Services Next Sunday

Next Sunday morning I am going to be taking the service in Glenwherry Presbyterian. Steve McGall, who is the youth worker in 1st Ahoghill, is going to be taking the service here in Buckna. Next Sunday evening Stafford Carson will be back with us and will be continuing our series on 2 Corinthians 5.

Join us on FaceBook

If you are a facebook user, then we would invite to to join with us there. Over the coming weeks and months it is our intention to use facebook to provide useful information, highlight upcoming online events and share items of praise that can be used in conjunction with our online services.

We feel this is a great way for our Church to remain active in these uncertain times and to let the wider world have a little glimpse of our life in the Braid.