Buckna Presbyterian Church

Announcements, 06.09.20

Below are the announcements from our service this weekend.

Meeting of Kirk Session

Kirk Session are meeting this Thursday night at 8pm in the church hall. Session will be discussing plans for organisations within our church family. Please pray for us as we do that. We are also planning to hold weekly in-person prayer meetings and more information about those will be available during the week.

Thank You for Help During Lockdown

First of all, I would like to thank Kirk Session and Committee for their unwavering support during this period. In particular, thank you to both Session for guiding our decisions regarding the restart of services and to members of Committee who have helped out in practical ways – stewarding and maintaining our buildings among other things. Thank you as well to our caretaker, Sammy Hamill, for his work in cleaning and maintaining our buildings as well.

Secondly, let me thank Rev. John Holmes for his pastoral work during this period. i know that many of you have appreciated John keeping in touch through phone calls. John is going to continue this encouraging work throughout the autumn.

Thank you, thirdly, to our Care Committee. This little group works very much behind the scenes of our church family but it provides practical help for those who require it. During the period of lockdown our Care Committee provided food and meals to vulnerable members of our church family. I know that this ministry was greatly appreciated by those who received it so thank you to those who helped with it.

Fourthly, thank you to the Restart Working Group who have met several times throughout the summer to bring us to the point of meeting together again. It has been a very smooth process and we continue to pray that things will go smoothly for us here in Buckna. Thank you to the Working Group for their wisdom and practical help.

Fifthly and finally, let me give a very warm and personal thank you to our small technical team who have worked tirelessly throughout lockdown. David Bradley, Ian Craig and Richard Kidd have worked immensely hard for our congregation and for the Gospel during the past number of months. They have filmed and edited online services, clipped hymn recordings and provided CDs and DVDs – and that isn’t even the half of it. Personally, I am indebted to them for all their hard work. Thank you, gentlemen, for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated by myself and by the wider church family.

It gives me great pleasure to finally draw a line under this period of lockdown. I have missed you, brothers and sisters. It is a joy to see your faces this morning and not to be simply talking into a camera. Thank you for all your prayers, for all your support and for the simple ways in which you have encouraged me over the past number of months.

We are back. We are not back to normal just yet. The pandemic is far from over. If our first evening epilogue was step one, our second evening epilogue step two, then this is step three. There will be many more steps along the way and we might have to go backwards before going forwards at times. It should be our prayer, though, that the Lord would continue to guide and bless us as a church family in these days.

Join us on FaceBook

If you are a facebook user, then we would invite to to join with us there. Over the coming weeks and months it is our intention to use facebook to provide useful information, highlight upcoming online events and share items of praise that can be used in conjunction with our online services.

We feel this is a great way for our Church to remain active in these uncertain times and to let the wider world have a little glimpse of our life in the Braid.